eBay’s £1 insertion fee promotions

November 04, 2020

What is the £1 insertion fee promotion?

Every now and then eBay runs an offer for private sellers, where they can list an item and only pay £1 as a fee. That’s £1 per item, it can be applied to a maximum of 100 listings and there is no final selling fee. But the item must sell within 30 days of listing.

How to get the promotion

Normally eBay sends out emails to eligible sellers via email, there is usually also a notification once the seller signs into their eBay account. Remember, once the offer is accepted, other selling promotions that offer free insertion fees will not apply during the promotional period.

Key features of the £1 insertion promo:

  • Create up to 100 listings on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category
  • Listings must start during the promotional period
  • Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format
  • Pay £1 Insertion Fee per listing
  • Pay no final value fees if the item sells.
  • The promotion start and end dates are included in the email eBay send to invited sellers.
  • The item must sell within 30 days of the listing going live.

Who/what is eligible for the £1 insertion fee promotion?

  • All private sellers who are eligible and have been invited to take part. Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable. Sellers must be registered as a resident in the UK.
  • Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay minimum seller performance standards are eligible. To check, sign in to My eBay and view your seller standards dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards.
  • An eligible item previously scheduled to go live during the promotional period will qualify for the promotion only if you have opted in to the promotion before the listing starts.
  • If an item that is eligible for the promotion had previously closed without a successful sale and is manually re-listed during the promotion period, it will form a part of the 100 listings limit of the promotion. You will not receive a refund of your original insertion fee if the item sells and will be charged a £1 insertion fee for the item.
  • Listings do not have to successfully sell during the promotional period to be eligible.
  • If an item qualifies for the promotion and when the item sells, the invoice will indicate the fee including the discount. Please note: if the item does not sell the first time and if it is automatically relisted during or after the promotional period (for instance, through the automatic relist function of the Good ‘Till Cancelled function), standard final value fees will be charged according to the eBay fees policy when the relisted item sells and the item will not be included in this promotion. If it is manually relisted, then it will form part of the promotion.
  • Only single quantity listings are eligible.
  • For items listed in 2 or more categories, only the insertion fee for the first category is included. Standard insertion fees will be charged for listing the same item for each additional category, according to the eBay fees policy.

Who/what is not included in the promotion

  • This promotion is not available for business sellers, they have their own incentives for listings and formats.
  • Sellers must opt in to the promotion via the RSVP link in the email invitation
  • Items listed in Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles and Properties categories are not eligible. Listings in Vehicle parts and accessories category is eligible.
  • Classified ad formats are not eligible
  • Multi quantity listings are not eligible

Remember PayPal or other 3rd party payment processing fees will still be eligible and final value fees will still apply for Second Chance Offers

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