eBay's Payment Options Explained

October 10, 2020

When we think about paying for things on eBay we automatically think of PayPal. Up until 2018 PayPal has been the default and preferred method of payment for eBay transactions. In the past eBay has even required their own customers to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase.

eBay Managed Payments

Since eBay launched its own payments system, called eBay Managed Payments, users can now choose different payment options. The benefit for eBay is that they can process payments directly instead of relying on PayPal, enabling customers to enter payment information and process it without having to travel to a third-party site and leave the eBay interface.

The benefit for eBay users is that they will have the benefit of easy, fast payment options all through eBay's site, which includes credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and even PayPal if they choose.

If you're online purchasing habits are linked closely with PayPal then fear not, this new payment options don't change anything for you. If, however you prefer to use Google Pay, Apple Pay or simply prefer using your cards then now you have that option too.

eBay's managed payments programme is set to be rolled out at mass scale in 2021, but many users are already seeing this new payment option appear at the checkout.

As an eBay seller there are many pros and cons to eBay's Managed Payment Programme


  • The ability to sell and get paid from one single account is great, especially if you are trying to keep things simple as a seller.
  • This also means simpler invoicing and payment management. You'll see all your selling fees and commissions taken out on a single eBay invoice, which is much easier to keep track of and you'll get direct deposits straight into your bank account with automatic pay-outs.
  • The programme aims to improve the likelihood of a sale, by having a variety of different forms of payments including instant-pay options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Mobile payments are expected to increase to 28% by 2022, having those mobile-friendly eWallet options will likely contribute to higher purchase rates.
  • Sellers will also have more protection when using the eBay Managed Payment system, including for claim and chargeback disputes.


  • There are some glitches with using PayPal on the eBay Payment Programme, with some sellers claiming that it's not showing up as an option yet.
  • There have been some reported temporary issues with the platform. For instance, there are no options for exchanges or replacements, only refunds.
  • There is currently no third-party integration for eBay's new payment system, unfortunately this isn't possible as there is currently no open API.
  • International selling may still be restricted with this new payment programme, please check your local options.

A key point to note is that eBay's managed payment system is more affordable than PayPal's current fees.

Where PayPal usually charges 2.9% + £0.30 per transaction, eBay will charge 2.75% + £0.25 per transaction. Keep in mind that this £0.25 fee is new and will be going into effect at the end of September 2019.

Head over to our eBay fee Calculator to easily calculate all your fees and shipping costs.